The primary goal of the Pewaukee Yacht Club (PYC) is to promote the sport of sailing, and more specifically, the racing of scows. This involves hosting seasonal races and regattas for six classes of scows and two junior (non-scow) classes. An intense schedule of races is maintained throughout the summer months. The PYC is very proud of our large and competitive fleets andpewaukeelakesmall.jpg considers ourselves one of the strongest scow sailing programs in the country.

The Pewaukee Yacht Club is a volunteer based organization beginning with its Board of Directors who are elected by the membership and oversee the operations of the Club. A facility manager is hired by the Board to handle the daily operations. The Club is open from early May into October. Racing is accompanied by several social events to support the camaraderie and friendships of past, present, and future sailing families.

 PYC Facts 

Pewaukee Lake:  (or Pewaukee-wee-ning) Lake of Shells, so named for the great quantity of shells found along the shore.  Hot spot for iceboating in the Midwest.

PYC's Original Articles of Association were created in 1896.

As of 2015, PYC has had 76 commodores.

PYC boasts a membership of about 300.
PYC's racing program supports 9 fleets!

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