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Membership Renewal Reminder:

Note: the membership renewal deadline has been pushed to March 1, 2018. As always, we appreciate a prompt renewal and payment, but we heard from many of you that a later date would be beneficial. Late fees and two-payment options remain the same.
Also, the Club Express program, which we use to renew memberships, is extremely beneficial for us to use. However, it is only as useful as the information YOU put in it. When renewing your membership, please take the time to review all your contact details, fleet information, etc. If any of your information was incorrect in the Annual last year, this is how you can correct it.
Finally, while the online renewal is a useful program for many, it is only accessible by the PRIMARY member on your account. If you log in and it says you cannot renew, it is possible that your spouse is listed as the primary member. If you are having any issues logging on, or would prefer to handle your renewal by phone, please give me a call or send me an email and I will contact you. It only takes five minutes to review everything over the phone. I am here to help avoid frustration with the process.

Your membership in Pewaukee Yacht Club will expire on March 1, 2018. We hope you will continue to support us by renewing your membership as soon as possible.

To renew online, click here.

At the end of the renewal process, you will have the option of paying by secure credit-card transaction, or printing an invoice and mailing a check.

If you have any questions about the membership process or your account, contact the Membership Director:

Mark Isabell
Phone: 262-347-1685, subject: “Membership Renewal”

Don’t forget to check back here for information on upcoming events and other club programming. We hope to see you back! Thank you for your continued support of our PYC community.

2018 Membership Renewal Form


We are fortunate to have vast and beautiful waterfront property and facilities to host our regattas and social events. The Club offers two boat launches, full service bar and staff, private parties, and on the water gas service to our members.

The PYC encourages the entire family to enjoy and be a part of the Club, with youth sailing programs, a play area and sand box. Come enjoy fabulous views of the lake from our outdoor patio.


The Pewaukee Yacht Club (PYC) is a fun and friendly yacht club that enjoys the sport of sailing. Our focus is to provide sailing opportunities and competitive racing to both youth and adults of all ages

  • How many members does the PYC currently have?
    There are over 250 memberships.
  • I do not live on the lake. Can I keep my boat at Pewaukee Yacht Club?
    Pewaukee Yacht Club has limited renting of “dry sailing” parking spaces allocated on a first come, first served basis. Contact us for details.
  • Can I bring guests?
    Members are allowed to bring the same guest to no more than three social events annually.
  • How active is the club in regatta sailing?
    Pewaukee Yacht Club is a member of the Inland Lakes Yachting Association, Wisconsin Yachting Association, U.S. Sailing, and hosts several regattas each summer.
  • If I wanted to join, how do I apply for membership?
    Contact our Membership Director for additional information.