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Commodore Joe Barker

A Letter from the Commodore:

Dear Members,

I wanted to send you a brief note about an exciting sailing opportunity that the PYC is pursuing.

A team of PYC members (Bill Burns, Todd Haines, Charlotte Peterson, AJ Schweda, Carl Spencer and Tobin Tornehl) is attempting to secure the 2021 ILYA Championship Regatta (i.e The Big Inland) at Pewaukee. With the Board’s approval late last year, this group has been working on our bid which was presented at the ILYA Winter Meeting in February in White Bear, MN. The presentation was a conceptual layout of the event, discussing why the PYC was looking to host the event and how we think it might look.

The key to our desire to host this regatta is that the PYC will be celebrating our 125th Anniversary in 2021. We are looking for a big way to celebrate our Club and our history. The idea behind the bid was to highlight the PYC’s contributions to the ILYA while also bringing the Inland Champs directly to Scow Country. The bid was focused on providing a high value to ILYA sailors by providing an event where the core of the attendees could sleep in their home beds (no expensive hotels) and, with our PYC hospitality on full display, enjoy some incredible parties at a cost that won’t break the bank.

A quick outline of the bid is as follows:

  • The bid assumes Pewaukee would be the primary host. We will partner with Okauchee and Nagawicka.
  • A preliminary schedule is that the A’s will sail on Pewaukee Sunday/Monday/Tuesday. Wednesday will be the primary day for registration at each lake and Wednesday night the PYC will host Bilge Pullers. For Thursday/Friday/Saturday the E’s will be on Pewaukee, the C’s will sail on Okauchee and the MC’s will sail on Nagawicka.
  • In the evenings, Okauchee and Nagawicka will close their clubs and all sailors and spectators will come to Pewaukee for parties, most likely Sunday and Monday nights and then later in the week on Thursday and Friday nights.

No decision has been made on the bid yet. The goal of the presentation was to provide the ILYA with the knowledge that we are serious in this quest and have spent time researching and developing a plan that would work. The ILYA will be studying the bid and our concept. We are hopeful that a decision may be made at the ILYA’s fall meeting which is typically held in October.

We’ll have more news on this bid as it develops. In the meantime, if you should have any questions, please direct your questions to either Carl Spencer, the Bid Chairman, or any member of the Committee you wish.

Best Regards,

Joe Barker


We are fortunate to have vast and beautiful waterfront property and facilities to host our regattas and social events. The Club offers two boat launches, full service bar and staff, private parties, and on the water gas service to our members.

The PYC encourages the entire family to enjoy and be a part of the Club, with youth sailing programs, a play area and sand box. Come enjoy fabulous views of the lake from our outdoor patio.


The Pewaukee Yacht Club (PYC) is a fun and friendly yacht club that enjoys the sport of sailing. Our focus is to provide sailing opportunities and competitive racing to both youth and adults of all ages

  • How many members does the PYC currently have?
    There are over 250 memberships.
  • I do not live on the lake. Can I keep my boat at Pewaukee Yacht Club?
    Pewaukee Yacht Club has limited renting of “dry sailing” parking spaces allocated on a first come, first served basis. Contact us for details.
  • Can I bring guests?
    Members are allowed to bring the same guest to no more than three social events annually.
  • How active is the club in regatta sailing?
    Pewaukee Yacht Club is a member of the Inland Lakes Yachting Association, Wisconsin Yachting Association, U.S. Sailing, and hosts several regattas each summer.
  • If I wanted to join, how do I apply for membership?
    Contact our Membership Director for additional information.