A. General Rules
1. Deportment. Members are responsible for their own acts or conduct, as well as those of their family and guests. Reasonable conduct must be displayed at all times. The person in charge of the bar or any member of the House Committee shall have the right to expel anyone from the premises. A written report to the full House Committee shall be made by the person who orders anyone off the premises.
2. US Sailing Privileges. Members of yacht clubs belonging to US Sailing have reciprocal club privileges with the Pewaukee Yacht Club, except that no credit shall be extended to them unless special arrangements have been made in advance.
3. Guest Privileges. Non-members may be guests at the club no more than three (3) times a year except during regattas. Guests must be accompanied by a member in good standing. The members accompanying such guests will be held responsible and will be billed for all charges made by their guests.
4. Sailing School. Use of the clubhouse and the club grounds by the Pewaukee Lake Sailing School, Inc. and its responsibility for care, cleanliness and maintenance thereof is described in the written agreement between the Sailing School and the Yacht Club.
5. Buildings and Grounds. No alteration shall be made to the Pewaukee Yacht Club facilities without approval from the Board of Directors. This includes, but is not limited to any items placed on or removed from the property. Any member or group of members in good standing, wishing to make a change, must do so in writing. Where upon the Board of Directors will vote on said request.
B. Grounds
1. Dry Sailing. A limited number of dry sail spaces for sailing yachts are available to regular members. Contact the Building and Grounds Committee for availability, conditions, and costs.
2. Boat Launching. With the following specific exceptions, only PYC members are permitted to launch boats from the yacht club grounds. The exceptions are:
a. During PYC sanctioned regattas, regatta participants are permitted to launch sailboats.  Other boats may be launched with the approval of the regatta chairman.
b. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, local law enforcement agencies and local fire departments, all at the convenience of the yacht club, are permitted the use of the club's launching and dock facilities.
c. The Pewaukee Lake Sanitary District is permitted the use of the club's launching facilities as is necessary.
3. Moorings. Except during regattas, overnight mooring of boats at the piers or at buoys is not permitted.
4. Boat and Trailer Parking. Except as may be permitted by the Grounds Committee for a specific limited period of time, boats, trailers and automobiles are not to be stored or parked on the yacht club property for more than 24 consecutive hours. After 24 hours, trailers will be towed away and stored at the owner's expense.
5. Alcoholic Beverages.
a. Members and guests are not permitted to bring or dispense alcoholic beverages of any kind on the club grounds. All such beverages must be dispensed from the club bar.
b. Persons under the Wisconsin legal drinking age shall not be served, sold or allowed to consume alcohol on or around the grounds of the Pewaukee Yacht Club.
6. Gasoline Service. As a service for its members, gasoline for power boats is available on the following schedule:

a. Weekends and Holidays        9:30am to
    (May through September)      6:00pm
b. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday  5:00pm to
    (June through August)              8:00pm
Sales of gasoline will be made on presentation and use of Visa or Master Charge Credit Cards to which there has been affixed a decal supplied by the Club and identifying the holder thereof as a member of PYC. Charges also accorded on standard PYC billing.
7. Fireworks. The discharging of fireworks, legal sparklers or otherwise, is prohibited by children or unauthorized adults on the PYC grounds.
8. Pets. No pets allowed on PYC grounds.
9. Skateboarding. Skateboarding, roller-blading, or similar activities are not allowed on the PYC grounds.
C. Clubhouse
1. Furniture and Equipment. Nothing is to be placed in or removed from the clubhouse without prior approval of the House Committee.
2. Decorations. Except as provided for by the club bulletin boards, nothing is to be posted nor is any decorating to be done without prior approval of the House Committee.
3. Responsibilities. The clubhouse is to be left in a generally neat and tidy condition after every function. In the event House Committee personnel are not present, the event Chairman or sponsor is responsible that doors and windows are locked, lights and heat are turned off, all debris and garbage is to be removed from the building prior to closing. Failure to comply will result in a special assessment.
4. Smoke Free Facilities. Smoking is prohibited in the Clubhouse and all PYC buildings and near the entrance.
D. Bar Room
1. Prices. Prices for all items served in the bar room shall be determined by the House Committee.
2. Credit. While cash is always acceptable, credit is extended to regular members of the club on the following basis:
a. Members are billed for charges made by them on or about the first of each month, with payment due in thirty days.
b. Bar charges may not be contested after the first 30 days from the original statement date.
c. Members who do not pay their bills in 30 days shall be considered to have delinquent accounts, and accordingly, not only may the House Committee post these names, after 37 days these members may have their charging privileges suspended until the delinquent account is paid in full.
d. Members who do not pay such bills in 60 days after the original statement date, may have their club privileges suspended until full payment, plus late feee is received as provided for in the Club Bylaws under article II Section 5.
e. Members who do not pay such bills in 90 days after the original statement date, his membership may be deemed forfeited and terminated as provided for in the Club Bylaws under Article ll Section 5. All open accounts will be required to be paid no later than November 30th of that year.

3. Cocktail Lounge Regular Hours:
a. Weekends - (May through Sept.)
Saturday                         11:00am to 7:00pm
Sunday                           11:00am to 7:00pm
b. Thursday 
(June through August)       5:00pm to 9:00pm
c. Friday                          5:00pm to 9:00pm
(June through August)
d. Holidays
(May through Sept.)          11:00am to 11:00pm
E. Parties and Activities
1. Scheduling. All clubhouse use should be scheduled with the House Committee. Scheduling priority will be given to Club sponsored functions, including regattas.
2. Reservations. Members are responsible for all reservations made for parties and other functions. They are to be billed for reservations made and not kept. Members without reservations may be refused.
3. Club Sponsored Functions.
a. There is no charge for the use of the clubhouse for club sponsored parties or for meetings of committees of the club or its auxiliaries. It is required, however, that prior arrangements be made with the House Committee.
b. The designated chairman for any club function planning use of either the clubhouse or grounds has the responsibility of making proper arrangements with the House Committee. For major events, House Committee members should be invited to planning meetings and kept advised of plans and requirements.
c. All profits or losses resulting from club sponsored functions are to be promptly turned in to the club Treasurer.
4. Children's Parties. All parties for minors are to be properly chaperoned.
5. Private Parties and Picnics. Club facilities may be used by members for private parties. Arrangements therefore must be made in advance with the House Committee. Charges to members for the use of club facilities and services are established from time-to-time by the House Committee. The dates upon which the facilities are available for members' private parties shall be limited in accordance with the following:
a. During the sailing season (May through Sept.), the Clubhouse will be available for such parties, where in the judgment of the House Committee and/or PYC Board, these parties do not conflict with previously scheduled PYC sponsored sailing and/or social events.
b. During other times of the year, excluding November 1 through March 31 (when the club house is intended to be "winterized" and thus closed for the season), there will be no limitation on the use of the club house for such private parties.