E-Invite Begins Today, Slow No-Wake in Effect

Slow No-Wake:  The Village of Pewaukee Police Department has issued a No-Wake rule for Pewaukee Lake until further notice.  Please keep your speed low during this time.

Racing and Results:  Sailing begins today at 10:00 am.  There are 7 races scheduled and the weekend weather looks favorable enough to get all 7 in.  The race results will be posted on the E-Invite page of the ILYA site.  Click here to view results as they are updated.

Friday Appetizers:  Those of you providing appetizers for Friday’s post-race party should have them to the club by 4:00 pm. Traffic at the club could get a bit congested around that time depending on what time the last race ends so please feel free to bring them earlier while the fleet is still racing.

Parking at the Club:  Since the parking lots and areas around the club are likely to be filled with vehicles of visiting sailors, race committee and volunteers we ask that members car-pool or boat-pool with as many people as possible to save space.

Spectators:  The weather looks pretty good and there are a lot of boats racing so we expect a large spectator fleet.  However, not everyone has a ride to watch so please take the time to swing by the club’s pier occasionally to see if there’s anyone who would like one.  Also, it doesn’t take a lot of boat activity to turn the lake into a washing machine so please be aware of your wake.

Dry-Sailors:  Thank you for making space for the visiting sailors.  It’s understood that this is an inconvenience.  Your efforts are appreciated.