From the Restated Articles of Incorporation:

Article II Purpose: The purpose of this corporation (Pewaukee Yacht Club) shall be to promote inland lake scow racing on Pewaukee Lake while fostering safe use of Pewaukee Lake for all. This shall be accomplished through member volunteerism and participation, and active support and promotion of youth sailing programs. The corporation's mission shall be to provide a high level of yacht racing competition at a reasonable monetary cost...






PYC Designated Radio Channels
Main (East) Course Channel 71 - Competitors
Channel 72 - Race Committee
West Course Channel 73 - Competitors
Channel 74 - Race Committee






Action Minutes Before Start Visual and Sound Signal 
Warning      redflag.gif


Class Flag (red) up: 1 sound
Preparatory iflag.gif


"I" Flag (yellow flag with
black center) up: 1 sound
or Black flag


Preparatory flag down: horn sound
Start           redflag.gif


Class Flag (red) down: 1 sound

The Class Flag for all fleets will be a red flag (Code flag "B").
When classes are started in five-minute intervals, the warning signal (5 minutes) for each class shall be the attention signal (10 minutes) for the next.
15.2 The starting line will be between a staff displaying an orange flag with white crosses on the committee boat at the starboard end of the line and a brightly colored ball at the port end. Signals will be made from the race committee signal boat stationed on the starboard end of the starting line. 
15.3 RRS 30.1 is modified in that the one-minute "Round the Ends" rule will be in effect on all starts.
15.4 In multiple fleet starts the order of the start will be Class E, Class C, Class M, Class MC, and Class X, as applicable.