USODA Team Trials - Charlie Allen Reporting

The Buddy Melges Racing Team – led by Coach Marek Valasek attended the USODA Team Trials Regatta at the Key Biscayne Yacht Club from April 21-29.

Representing the ILYA were Jacob Zils (Geneva/Minnetonka), Will Michels (North) and Charlie Allen (Pewaukee). We started off with four days of good practices from Saturday thru Tuesday. Temperatures were in the mid 80s with high humidity and light to medium breeze. We went thru the measurement process on Tuesday morning without any issues. On Wednesday we had a lay-day and went swimming and did homework. Racing began on Thursday with the 222 competitors getting split into three flights of 74 boats (yellow, pink and purple). We got three races in with light to medium breeze. On Friday we had no racing due to no wind in the morning and then thunderstorms in the afternoon. Some of the BMRT kids got to wait out the storm inside of the huge McLaughlin trailer, which was fun! On Saturday we started very early with launching beginning at 7:45am and a 9:00am warning. The breeze was great at about 12 and then built to about 17 before a front came thru and it died down to nothing. We got two good races in before the wind shut off. On Saturday evening – after having completed five races, the competitors were divided into two divisions. These were the gold and silver fleets. The gold fleet was the top third of the standings and silver was the remainder. On Sunday the gold fleet was able to complete three races and silver was only able to get in two races before the wind died.

The top BMRT race finish was Will Michels with a ninth place in race four. Charlie Allen was the top ILYA sailor and finished in 71st in the gold fleet. In the silver fleet Will Michels finished in 28th and Jacob Zils finished in 82nd. The regatta was a lot of fun and we thank our coaches: Marek Valasek, Spencer Wiberley, Scott Norman and Eric Bardes.

USODA Team Trials

Left to Right:
Charlie Allen
Jacob Zils
Jack David (Colorado)
Owen Bannasch (Michigan)
Will Michels