USODA Valentine's Day Regatta

Over the weekend of February 3-4 the Buddy Melges Racing Team attended the USODA Valentine’s Day Regatta at the US Sailing Center in St.Petersburg, FL.  Representing the I.L.Y.A were Jacob Zils (Geneva/Minnetonka), Will Michels (North), Alex and Ashley Mueller (Beulah), Matthew Sexton, George and Caroline Holland, Grayden Mott (Geneva) and Charlie Allen (Pewaukee). We started the weekend off with a good practice on Friday in light air conditions and temperatures in the low 70s.  Racing began on Saturday with cooler temperatures and light to medium breeze.  Sailors were divided into Gold (156 sailors) and Silver (63 sailors) fleets with Gold being the more advanced sailors.  There were three races on Saturday for the Gold fleet and there were two for the Silver fleet.  Both fleets were able to complete three races on Sunday in medium to heavy wind, large waves and temperatures in the high 60s.  Top race finishes were Will Michels with a second in race 6 of the Gold fleet and a first place for Graden Mott in race three of the Silver fleet. The regatta was very fun with good performances from the I.L.Y.A sailors.


Gold Fleet

  • 20th Will Michels (North)
  • 27th Charlie Allen (Pewaukee)
  • 41st Jacob Zils (Geneva/Minnetonka)
  • 70th Ashley Mueller (Beulah)

Silver Fleet

  • 7th Grayden Mott (Geneva)
  • 8th Caroline Holland (Geneva)
  • 10th Alex Mueller (Beulah)
  • 14th Matthew Sexton (Geneva)
  • 54th George Holland (Geneva)